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Noursh-mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze & Stress Fix on sale June 11th!!

Places We Love in the Neighborhood

Harman's Eat & Drink

URUKU Bronzer 10% off today!

Day 8 of June Sale!!

Day 5 of June Sale!

10% off Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Soft Creme!

Day 4 of June Sale!

10% OFF Enbrightenment Brightening Correcting Serum!

Day 3 of June Sale!

Botanical Kinetics™ Skin Firming/Toning Agent

Day 2 of June Sale!


Today we are featuring Tourmaline Charged Radiance MasqueThis incredible masque smooths and refines skin immediately-for a healthy glow between facials. Finely powdered tourmaline-one of nature's most energizing minerals-boosts skin's energy, while natural exfoliants help skin gently shed dull, lackluster surface cells-revealing new radiance.
 Come in today to get yours at 10% off!!!

Day 1 of June Sale!

Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner


Tomorrow our 30-day product sale begins!!! Everyday of June we will be featuring a product from our shelves at a 10% off discount!

Keep you eyes peeled for your favorite product or one you've been wanting to try!

What better way to…

June Jumpstart to summer! 30-DAY-ON-GOING-SALE

We are celebrating the official start of summer with a month-long product sale starting June 1st!!!

Each day one product from our shelves will be featured by one of our team members and offered at a 10% off discount!!! 

Check our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest each day to see if your favorite…

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